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Buy MPHP-2201 Online

Buy MPHP-2201 Online

Purity ≥99.5%. MPHP-2201 research chemical is intend for scientific research purpose only!


  • All products sold on this page are strictly for research purposes, and not for human consumption.
  • We only sell to persons above 18 years of age and not to minors.


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Buy MPHP-2201 Online

If you are residing in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia and want to buy MPHP – 2201 online, then Pablo Groove is the perfect destination for you. Our online chemical shop is dealing with MPHP-2201 online for a long period of time. With years of expertise in this industry, we completely and profoundly understand the customer’s requirements for MPHP-2201 for sale. We are the utmost group of proficient vendor and supplier that will make your parcel reach you as soon as possible with the complete order.

What is MPHP 2201?

MPHP 2201 is an analogue of AM2201, which is a potent synthetic cannabinoid with Ki values of 1.0 and 2.6nM for the central cannabinoid CB1 and peripheral cannabinoid CB2 receptors respectively. The psychological actions of NM2201 have not been characterized yet. This product is intended for forensic and research application.

Why placing your order of MPHP-2201 with Pablogroove.com is the best decision for you?

All the products are of high quality and have competitive prices. MPHP-2201 has 99% purity. We always make sure to give you all the products of impeccable quality. It is a chemical compound.

How to store MPHP 2201?

You have to store MPHP 2201 research chemicals in a cool and dry place. The company accepts various payment gateways to smooth your payment procedure.

Our company gives more emphasis on superior quality products, impeccable services, exceptional value and outstanding customer support panel.

We give more emphasis on the pricing factor of products. You can also place your bulk orders as we cater to them as well.

The chemical formula of MPHP 2201 is C24H27FN2O3. Its molecular weight is 410.4 and its formal name is methyl (1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indole-3-carbonyl)phenylalaninate.

What are the uses of MPHP 2201?

Researchers purchase this chemical to use it in a pharmaceutical area, in recreational and recreation goals. Its psychotropic characteristics made it famous among laboratory workers and researchers. These drugs are brought to have excitation, have euphoria, boost energy reserves and increase sexual activity.

It is a complex biochemical and has various uses in in-vitro experimentation and as a calibration or reference sample in many forensic and mass spectrometry labs. Like other indazole synthetic cannabinoids, this chemical is bound to the CB1 AND CB2 receptor that creates the range of sensory or physiological effects. It is also called a designer drug or recreational chemical. You are required to use this treatment with extreme care as it can cause severe damage to your body organs.

Which is the best place to buy MPHP-2201 online at an affordable cost?

Pablo Groove is a reliable chemical shop in the online market to buy MPHP-2201 online. We will help you receive your order inside a short timeframe. Connect with our online store right away!

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